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»Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht, und hat es einfach gemacht.«

Hilbert Meyer

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»Gesundheit ist nicht alles, aber ohne Gesundheit ist alles nichts.«

Arthur Schopenhauer

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»Wenn ich Gutes tue, fühle ich mich gut. Wenn ich Schlechtes tue, fühle ich mich schlecht. Das ist meine Religion.«

Abraham Lincoln

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»Ihr aber seht und sagt: Warum? Aber ich träume und sage: Warum nicht?«

George Bernard Shaw

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»Nicht weil es schwer ist, wagen wir es nicht, sondern weil wir es nicht wagen, ist es schwer.«

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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»Wo kämen wir hin, wenn jeder sagte, wo kämen wir hin und keiner ginge, um zu sehen, wohin wir kämen, wenn wir gingen.«

Kurt Marti

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»Wer glaubt, etwas zu sein, hat aufgehört, etwas zu werden.«


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»Sei du selbst die Veränderung, die du dir wünschst für diese Welt.«

Mahatma Gandhi

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»Wenn Du ein Problem erkannt hast und nichts zur Lösung des Problems beiträgst, wirst Du selbst ein Teil des Problems.«

Indianisches Sprichwort

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»Die Freiheit des Menschen liegt nicht darin, dass er tun kann, was er will, sondern dass er nicht tun muss, was er nicht will.«

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Im Juni 2015 fand ein Interview mit der NGO "Euforia" aus Genf statt. Dieses wollen wir hier nochmals abbilden, um es auch auf Deutsch zu kommentieren. Ziel war es die Idee hinter inFact Lifestyle mit einem der Initiatoren, Stefan Kunze, genauer zu beleuchten. Im Anschluss zeigen wir euch weitere Infos zu Euforia und dessen Event-Reihe "imp!act" auf, welches wir bereits unterstützten. Hier nun folgend der entstandene Artikel auf Englisch.


Stefan organised imp!act Zürich 2015 last April and co-founded InFact Lifestyle together with David, Lorenz, Caroline, Miriam and Susanna.

If you attended imp!act Zürich in April 2015, you might have noticed two things. First, the food was completely vegan. Second, one of the facilitator Stefan Kunze.

Sometimes affectionately called “Stefan the vegan” who is this hyperactive young guy? I decided I have to go and meet with him. Here is its story.

Stefan is from Konstanz, in Germany. He has been living and working in Switzerland for 7 years. Not even 30 years old he already has an impressive work experience in his domain of competence, IT. Despite a brilliant career and well-remunerated jobs,  as a project manager for a pharmaceutical company and then as a team leader in another company, Stefan was rather unhappy working in the private economy. Why was it so? Stefan has been a very engaged person in various projects throughout his life: the Kids movement, Animal Rights and even in politics. GMOs were one of his main battle horse.

Three years ago a dramatic news made him drastically change his path. He discovered he was suffering from multiple sclerosis. Doctors told him it was an incurable disease. Totally crushed, Stefan was afraid to go on a wheelchair. However, working in the pharmaceutical industry he said he could not trust doctors.

“ I was one of the project managers of the company and I knew they only wanted to earn money. I do not want to use medication to fight the symptoms but to fight the reasons of the disease.” — Stefan Kunze

Therefore he started thinking about how to heal and repair its body without calling upon Western medicine and chemicals. He started reading many books on health and how to treat cancer, diabetes and even sclerosis with the help of natural medicine.

That’s were his journey to veganism truly began. Prof. Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s book “China study” had a big impact on Stefan. In substance, Campbell’s says that we must get rid of chemical as pills have a lot of side effects and industrial and animal food as he found they are responsible of many chronic diseases. Dr. Brigitte Judith Lang was another inspiring person for Stefan as she suffered of sclerosis just like him.

So Stefan turned to a plant based diet. He started by being vegetarian and after one year he became completely vegan. Six months later, he went to the hospital to do a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)  to  check the evolution of his sclerosis. No more sclerosis! Doctors could not really explain this drastic change. They could only tell him “You are very lucky”. For Stefan the answer clearly lied in his diet changes. He used to suffer from memory problems, had eyes scars leading to a very bad eyesight. Now, all these symptoms almost belong to the past. Furthermore, doctors told him that his brain was starting regenerating.

This misadventure pushed Stefan to completely rethink the way he was living. It pushed him to live a more healthy, conscious and sustainable life. He changed his mindset and thought: “How could I have the best impact in the world”. Besides, he wanted to start a project where he could help other people wishing to pursue a more sustainable life to do so. He quit his brilliant career to do something different. Looking for new professional perspectives he heard about the eTP (euforia Training Programme).

“The eTP (euforia Training Programme) could be my first step into the sustainable job world”. As attending an imp!act was a first requirement, he attended imp!act Zürich 2014. There he met David who wanted to create a app on how to live more sustainably. Stefan point of focus was health. They merged their ideas into one project. InFact Lifestyle. Now the team is composed of Stefan, David, Lorenz and Caroline (also met during imp!act ZH) and two new team members Susanna and Miriam.


Lorenz, Miriam, Stefan, Susanna, David (v.l.n.r.), Caroline (Source:

What InFact Lifestyle is about? To help people wishing to live a more sustainable and conscious life.

How does it work?

  • By providing useful information on the website:
  • By delivering workshop and webinars (free for private people) like cooking or sport classes.
  • By going shopping with the participants to help them making more conscious and healthy choices whether for food, drinks and clothing.
  • By providing in a near future workshops to companies to help stressed and burnout people and help with stress management.
  • By giving advice to schools to help them incorporate in their daily routines healthier choices.

But the team has loads of ideas such as writing free e-books and even developing an app so you can check your cell phone when you are grocery shopping and never get confused again when choosing what to buy!

InFact Lifestyle is an association and if you wish to join them check simply check their website!

More news to come regarding their activities!

Thank you Stefan for sharing your story!




Weitere Informationen zu Euforia und ihrem Kernprojekt "imp!act" findet ihr in unserem internen Artikel hier.